foot-binding [foo t-bahyn-ding] Examples noun

  1. (formerly in China) the act or practice of tightly binding the feet of infant girls to keep the feet as small as possible.

Examples from the Web for foot-binding Contemporary Examples of foot-binding

  • To show how foot-binding survivors walk, Farrell created this video.

    China’s Last Foot-Binding Survivors

    Nina Strochlic

    July 2, 2014

  • Historical Examples of foot-binding

  • And they say that one girl out of ten dies of foot-binding or its after-effects.

    The Child in the Midst

    Mary Schauffler Labaree

  • It will put an end to the cruelty and miseries of foot-binding.

    Village Life in China

    Arthur H. Smith

  • But when her father came home he had a long and serious talk with his wife about foot-binding, and off came the bandages again.

    Notable Women Of Modern China

    Margaret E. Burton

  • During her medical course Mary became more strongly impressed than ever before with the evils of foot-binding.

    Notable Women Of Modern China

    Margaret E. Burton

  • Within the last few weeks another edict has gone forth, directed against the practice of foot-binding.

    China and the Chinese

    Herbert Allen Giles

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