footsie [foo t-see] ExamplesWord Origin noun Informal.

  1. Sometimes footsies. the act of flirting or sharing a surreptitious intimacy.


  1. play footsie/footsies with,
    1. to flirt with, especially by clandestinely touching someone’s foot or leg; be slyly or furtively intimate with.
    2. to seek advantage from, especially by discreet or stealthy means; curry favor with.

Also foot·sy, footie. Origin of footsie 1930–35; foot + -sie, spelling variant of -sy Examples from the Web for footsie Contemporary Examples of footsie

  • A sign that the Gulf States and/or Turkey told the White House they were getting out if the footsie continued?

    Is Obama Done Playing Footsie With Assad?

    Michael Tomasky

    November 17, 2014

  • British Dictionary definitions for footsie footsie noun

    1. informal flirtation involving the touching together of feet, knees, etc (esp in the phrase play footsie)

    Footsie noun

    1. an informal name for Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index

    Word Origin and History for footsie n.

    “amorous play with the feet” [OED], 1944, from foot (n.).

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