footstep [foo t-step] Word Origin noun

  1. the setting down of a foot, or the sound so produced; footfall; tread.
  2. the distance covered by a step in walking; pace.
  3. a footprint.
  4. a step by which to ascend or descend.


  1. follow in someone’s footsteps, to succeed or imitate another person.

Origin of footstep First recorded in 1175–1225, footstep is from the Middle English word foote steppe. See foot, step British Dictionary definitions for follow someone’s footsteps footstep noun

  1. the action of taking a step in walking
  2. the sound made by stepping or walking
  3. the distance covered with a step; pace
  4. a footmark
  5. a single stair; step
  6. to continue the tradition or example of another

Word Origin and History for follow someone’s footsteps footstep n.

early 13c., “footprint,” from foot (n.) + step (n.). Meaning “a tread or fall of the foot” is first attested 1530s. Figurative expression to follow in (someone’s) footsteps is from 1540s.

Idioms and Phrases with follow someone’s footsteps footstep

see follow in someone’s footsteps.

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