foppery [fop-uh-ree] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural fop·per·ies.

  1. the clothes, manners, actions, etc., of a fop.
  2. something foppish.

Origin of foppery First recorded in 1540–50; fop + -ery Related Words for fopperies frippery, gathering, flounce, ruffle, lace, garbage, tuck, jazz, extravagance, amenity, decoration, thing, superfluity, doodad, gimcrack, garnish, fuss, gingerbread, fandangle, foppery Examples from the Web for fopperies Historical Examples of fopperies

  • They have obtained more liberty since, and can dispense with these “fopperies.”

    The Town

    Leigh Hunt

  • The unities of time and place have always appeared to me fopperies, as far as they require close observance of the French rules.

    Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Volume 6

    John Gibson Lockhart

  • He plays the game with the gloves off, he strips bare all the fopperies and artificialities of the world.

    Why we should read

    S. P. B. Mais

  • I visited all the famous ones, and it would fill a volume to tell you the fopperies that’s said of them.

    Folklore as an Historical Science

    George Laurence Gomme

  • George Osborne lying yonder, all his fopperies ended, with a bullet through his heart?

    Old Man Savarin and Other Stories

    Edward William Thomson

  • British Dictionary definitions for fopperies foppery noun plural -peries

    1. the clothes, affectations, obsessions, etc, of or befitting a fop

    Word Origin and History for fopperies foppery n.

    1540s, “foolish action,” from fop + -ery. Meaning “behavior and manner of a fop” is from 1690s; meaning “foppish attire” is from 1711.

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