for openers


  1. a person or thing that opens.
  2. a device for opening sealed containers: can opener.
  3. the first of several theatrical numbers, variety acts, sports events, etc.: a humorous monologue as an opener.
  4. openers, Poker. cards in a hand, as a pair of jacks or better, that according to a given standard are worth enough to enable the holder to make the first bet of a deal.
  1. for openers, as an initially stated reason or argument; at the outset; to begin with: Well, for openers, I don’t have the money.


  1. an instrument used to open sealed containers such as tins or bottlesa bottle opener
  2. a person who opens, esp the player who makes the first bid or play
  3. the first or opening section or episode in a series
  4. US the first song, act, etc, in a variety show
  5. (plural) a start; beginning (esp in the phrase for openers)

“one who opens,” Old English openere, agent noun from open (v.).

Also, for starters. To begin with. For example, Out of 50 possible jurors they eliminated 30, for openers, or She believed him, which indicated, for starters, that she was very gullible. The word starters is also used for the appetizer or first course of a meal, as in For starters we had shrimp cocktail. [Mid-1900s]

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