forkful [fawrk-foo l] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural fork·fuls.

  1. the amount a fork can hold.

Origin of forkful 1635–45; fork + -ful, probably on the model of spoonful Usage note See -ful. Examples from the Web for forkful Contemporary Examples of forkful

  • “Feel my noodle,” he says as he lowers a forkful onto her face.

    How ‘Real World’ Sean Duffy Morphed Into the Shutdown Congressman

    Andrew Romano

    October 10, 2013

  • Historical Examples of forkful

  • I yanked down a forkful of hay for each of them, after I saw to my own horse.

    The La Chance Mine Mystery

    Susan Carleton Jones

  • My mind was on it all the time, and every forkful was placed with considerate care.

    In Pastures Green

    Peter McArthur

  • Going to the stable, I got a forkful of wet straw and carried it to my bonfire.

    In Pastures Green

    Peter McArthur

  • He had a forkful of hay over the opening when he saw her below.

    The Hand

    Gerald Allan Sohl

  • After tasting his first forkful of food, he gasped, “And none of this ham!”

    Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X

    Victor Appleton

  • Word Origin and History for forkful n.

    1640s; see fork (n.) + -ful.

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