fornicate 1[fawr-ni-keyt] ExamplesWord Origin verb (used without object), for·ni·cat·ed, for·ni·cat·ing.

  1. to commit fornication.

Origin of fornicate 1 1545–55; Late Latin fornicātus (past participle of fornicārī to consort with prostitutes), equivalent to Latin fornic- (stem of fornix) arch, vault, basement, brothel + -ātus -ate1 Related formsfor·ni·ca·tor, noun Related Words for fornicating philander Examples from the Web for fornicating Contemporary Examples of fornicating

  • He said he had no idea how the mayor had come to be quoted apparently preemptively reprimanding Prince Harry for “fornicating.”

    Harry Warned Off ‘Fornicating’?

    Tom Sykes

    November 8, 2011

  • Historical Examples of fornicating

  • And after some reproofs of the fornicating king, he addeth these further stories.

    A Christian Directory (Volume 1 of 4)

    Richard Baxter

  • British Dictionary definitions for fornicating fornicate 1 verb

    1. (intr) to indulge in or commit fornication

    Derived Formsfornicator, nounWord Origin for fornicate C16: from Late Latin fornicārī, from Latin fornix vault, brothel situated therein fornicate 2fornicated adjective

    1. biology arched or hoodlike in form

    Word Origin for fornicate C19: from Latin fornicātus arched, from fornix vault Word Origin and History for fornicating fornicate v.

    1550s, from Late Latin fornicatus, past participle of fornicari (see fornication). Perhaps in some cases a back-formation from fornication. Related: Fornicated; fornicating.

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