fornix [fawr-niks] Word Origin noun, plural for·ni·ces [fawr-nuh-seez] /ˈfɔr nəˌsiz/. Anatomy.

  1. any of various arched or vaulted structures, as an arching fibrous formation in the brain.

Origin of fornix 1675–85; Latin: vault, archRelated formsfor·ni·cal, adjective British Dictionary definitions for fornical fornix noun plural -nices (-nɪˌsiːz)

  1. anatomy any archlike structure, esp the arched band of white fibres at the base of the brain

Derived Formsfornical, adjectiveWord Origin for fornix C17: from Latin; see fornicate ² Word Origin and History for fornical fornix n.

1680s, from Latin fornix “arch, vaulted chamber” (see fornication).

fornical in Medicine fornix [fôr′nĭks] n. pl. for•ni•ces (-nĭ-sēz′)

  1. An arch-shaped structure, especially the arch-shaped roof of an anatomical space.
  2. The compact bundle of white fiber by which the hippocampus of each cerebral hemisphere projects to the opposite hippocampus and to the septum, the anterior nucleus of the thalamus, and the mamillary body.
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