fourchette [foo r-shet] ExamplesWord Origin noun

  1. Anatomy. the fold of skin that forms the posterior margin of the vulva.
  2. Ornithology. furcula; wishbone.
  3. Zoology. the frog of an animal’s foot.
  4. a strip of leather or fabric joining the front and back sections of a glove finger.
  5. Chiefly Bridge. a tenace.

Origin of fourchette 1745–55; French, diminutive of fourche; see fork, -ette Examples from the Web for fourchette Historical Examples of fourchette

  • We had wintered up on the Fourchette, and the Assinaboines had raised our cache.

    Then and Now

    Robert Vaughn

  • You still have in your hand what is vulgarly called the “fourchette,” or alternate cards, to win the game with.

    The Sharper Detected and Exposed

    Jean-Eugne Robert-Houdin

  • Notice that two of the fingers have only one fourchette, while the others have two fourchettes each.

    Makers of Many Things

    Eva March Tappan

  • British Dictionary definitions for fourchette fourchette noun

    1. anatomy the bandlike fold of skin, about one inch from the anus, forming the posterior margin of the vulva
    2. a less common name for furcula, frog 3

    Word Origin for fourchette C18: from French: a little fork, from Old French forche , from Latin furca fork fourchette in Medicine fourchette [fur-shĕt′] n.

    1. frenulum of pudendal lips

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