[ad_1] adjective, frail·er, frail·est.
  1. having delicate health; not robust; weak: My grandfather is rather frail now.
  2. easily broken or destroyed; fragile.
  3. morally weak; easily tempted.


  1. Older Slang: Sometimes Offensive. a term used to refer to a girl or woman.


  1. physically weak and delicate
  2. fragilea frail craft
  3. easily corrupted or tempted


  1. a rush basket for figs or raisins
  2. a quantity of raisins or figs equal to between 50 and 75 pounds

mid-14c., “morally weak,” from Old French fraile “weak, frail, sickly, infirm” (Modern French frêle), from Latin fragilis “easily broken” (see fragility). Sense of “liable to break” is first recorded in English late 14c. The U.S. slang noun meaning “a woman” is attested from 1908.


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