1. happening or occurring at short intervals: to make frequent trips to Tokyo.
  2. constant, habitual, or regular: a frequent guest.
  3. located at short distances apart: frequent towns along the shore.

verb (used with object)

  1. to visit often; go often to; be often in: to frequent the art galleries.

adjective (ˈfriːkwənt)

  1. recurring at short intervals
  2. constant or habitual

verb (frɪˈkwɛnt)

  1. (tr) to visit repeatedly or habitually

mid-15c., “ample, profuse,” from Middle French frequent, or directly from Latin frequentem (nominative frequens) “crowded, repeated,” of uncertain origin. Meaning “common, usual” is from 1530s; that of “happening at short intervals, often recurring” is from c.1600.


late 15c., from Middle French frequenter, from Latin frequentare “visit regularly,” from frequentem (see frequent (adj.)). Related: Frequented; frequenting.

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