1. Architecture.
    1. the part of a classical entablature between the architrave and the cornice, usually decorated with sculpture in low relief.
    2. any decorative band on an outside wall, broader than a stringcourse and bearing lettering, sculpture, etc.
  2. any decorative band at the top or beneath the cornice of an interior wall, a piece of furniture, etc.
  3. Furniture. skirt(def 6b).


  1. a heavy, napped woolen cloth for coats.


  1. architect
    1. the horizontal band between the architrave and cornice of a classical entablature, esp one that is decorated with sculpture
    2. the upper part of the wall of a room, below the cornice, esp one that is decorated
  2. any ornamental band or strip on a wall


  1. a heavy woollen fabric with a long nap, used for coats, etc

“sculptured horizontal band in architecture,” 1560s, from Middle French frise, originally “a ruff,” from Medieval Latin frisium “embroidered border,” variant of frigium, probably from Latin Phrygium “Phrygian, Phrygian work,” from Phrygia, the ancient country in Asia Minor known for its embroidery (cf. Phrygiae vestes “ornate garments”). Meaning “decorative band along the top of a wall” was in Old French.

An ornamental band that runs around a building. Friezes are usually on the exterior of a building and are often sculpted in bas-relief.

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