1. of, in, or at the front: a frontal view; frontal attack.
  2. Anatomy.
    1. of, relating to, or situated near the forehead or the frontal bone.
    2. coronal(def 4c).
  3. Meteorology. of or relating to the division between dissimilar air masses: frontal zone; frontal surface.
  4. Fine Arts.
    1. exhibiting frontality.
    2. parallel to the surface in the pictorial arts or seen from the front view in sculpture: the frontal plane.


  1. Ecclesiastical. a movable cover or hanging for the front of an altar.
  2. frontlet(def 1).
  3. Anatomy. any of several parts in the frontal region, especially the frontal bone.


  1. of, at, or in the front
  2. of or relating to the foreheadfrontal artery
  3. of or relating to the anterior part of a body or organ
  4. meteorol of, relating to, or resulting from a front or its passagefrontal rainfall


  1. a decorative hanging for the front of an altar
  2. See frontal lobe, frontal bone
  3. another name for frontlet (def. 1)

1650s, of the forehead; 1971 with reference to the naked body; from Modern Latin frontalis, from front-, stem of frons “brow, forehead” (see front). Or in some cases probably from front (n.) + adjectival suffix -al (1).


  1. Of, relating to, directed toward, or situated at the front.
  2. Of or relating to the forehead or frontal bone.
  3. Of or relating to the frontal plane.

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