1. injury to any part of the body after excessive exposure to extreme cold, sometimes progressing from initial redness and tingling to gangrene.

verb (used with object), frost·bit, frost·bit·ten, frost·bit·ing.

  1. to injure by frost or extreme cold.


  1. destruction of tissues, esp those of the fingers, ears, toes, and nose, by freezing, characterized by tingling, blister formation, and gangrene
  2. NZ a type of small sailing dinghy

also frost-bite, 1813, from frost (n.) + bite (n.).


  1. Injury or destruction of skin and underlying tissue, most often that of the nose, ears, fingers, or toes, resulting from prolonged exposure to freezing or subfreezing temperatures.

  1. Damage to a part of the body as a result of exposure to freezing temperatures. It is caused by a loss of blood supply and the formation of ice crystals in the affected body part.
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