frosting on the cake


  1. a sweet mixture, cooked or uncooked, for coating or filling cakes, cookies, and the like; icing.
  2. a dull or lusterless finish, as on metal or glass.
  3. a process of highlighting the hair by bleaching selected strands.
  4. a material used for decorative work, as signs, displays, etc., made from coarse flakes of powdered glass.
  1. the frosting on the cake, something added to make a thing better or more desirable.Also icing on the cake.


  1. a soft icing based on sugar and egg whites
  2. Also called: icing a sugar preparation, variously flavoured and coloured, for coating and decorating cakes, biscuits, etc
  3. a rough or matt finish on glass, silver, etc
  4. slang the practice of stealing a car while the owner has left it idling to defrost the windows and heat the engine

1610s as an action; 1756 as a substance; meaning “cake icing” is from 1858; verbal noun from frost (v.).

see icing on the cake.

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