verb (used without object)

  1. to ride a horse at a gallop; ride at full speed: They galloped off to meet their friends.
  2. to run rapidly by leaps, as a horse; go at a gallop.
  3. to go fast, race, or hurry, as a person or time.

verb (used with object)

  1. to cause (a horse or other animal) to gallop.


  1. a fast gait of the horse or other quadruped in which, in the course of each stride, all four feet are off the ground at once.
  2. a run or ride at this gait.
  3. a rapid rate of going.
  4. a period of going rapidly.

verb -lops, -loping or -loped

  1. (intr) (of a horse or other quadruped) to run fast with a two-beat stride in which all four legs are off the ground at once
  2. to ride (a horse, etc) at a gallop
  3. (intr) to move, read, talk, etc, rapidly; hurry


  1. the fast two-beat gait of horses and other quadrupeds
  2. an instance of galloping

early 15c., from Middle French galoper (12c.), cognate of Old North French waloper, from Frankish *wala hlaupan “to run well” (see wallop). Related: Galloped; galloping.


1520s, from gallop (v.).


  1. A triple cadence to the heart sounds at rates of 100 beats per minute or more due to an abnormal third or fourth heart sound being heard in addition to the first and second sounds.gallop rhythm

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