1. a passageway, especially a narrow walkway.
  2. Nautical.
    1. an opening in the railing or bulwark of a ship, as that into which a gangplank fits.
    2. a gangplank.
    3. an area of the weather deck of a ship, between the side and a deckhouse.
    4. accommodation ladder.
  3. Railroads.
    1. the space between the cab of a steam locomotive and its tender.
    2. the side entrance of a diesel or electric locomotive.
  4. British.
    1. an aisle in a theater, restaurant, etc.
    2. an aisle in the House of Commons separating the more influential members of the political parties from the younger, less influential members.
    3. a runway in a theater.
  5. a temporary path of planks, as at a building site.
  6. Mining. a main passage or level.
  7. Also called logway. the ramp up which logs are moved into a sawmill.


  1. clear the way! out of the way!


  1. an opening in a ship’s side to take a gangplank
  2. another word for gangplank
  3. British an aisle between rows of seats
  4. Also called: logway mainly US a ramp for logs leading into a sawmill
  5. a main passage in a mine
  6. temporary planks over mud or earth, as on a building site

sentence substitute

  1. clear a path!

Old English gangweg “road, passage, thoroughfare;” see gang (in its original sense) + way. As a command to clear way, attested by 1912, American English.

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