get one’s

In addition to the idioms beginning with get one’s, also see get someone’s

  • get one’s act together
  • get one’s bearings
  • get one’s comeuppance
  • get one’s ducks in a row
  • get one’s feet on the ground
  • get one’s feet wet
  • get one’s fill
  • get one’s hands dirty
  • get one’s hands on
  • get one’s head examined
  • get one’s money’s worth
  • get one’s own back
  • get one’s teeth into
  • get one’s walking papers
  • get one’s way
  • get one’s wires crossed


    Get one’s due punishment or reward, as in If they put off their schoolwork to go the ball game, sooner or later they’ll get theirs, or The union members were prepared to go on strike; they were determined to get theirs. The punishment version is earlier, dating from about 1900.


    Be killed, as in “He’d got his. I knew it by the way his head rolled in my hands” (Rudyard Kipling, Diversity of Creatures, 1913). This usage originated in the military. [c. 1900]

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