1. a hooked prolongation that develops during the spawning season on the lower jaw of a male salmon or trout.
  2. Machinery.
    1. a thin, wedgelike strip of metal for controlling the area in which a moving part, as the table of a milling machine, slides.
    2. a keylike part having a head at each end, used with a matching cotter as a fastening.
  3. (in carpentry or ironwork) a heavy metal strap for fastening two members together.

verb (used with object), gibbed, gib·bing.

  1. to fasten (parts) together by means of a gib.


  1. a cat, especially a male cat.
  2. a castrated cat.

  1. Gibraltar.


  1. a metal wedge, pad, or thrust bearing, esp a brass plate let into a steam engine crosshead

verb gibs, gibbing or gibbed

  1. (tr) to fasten or supply with a gib


  1. a male cat, esp a castrated one


  1. an informal name for Gibraltar

familiar abbreviation of Gilbert. As a typical name for a cat, from c.1400.


type of iron hook, 1560s, of unknown origin. As a piece of wood or metal to hold something else in place, from 1795.

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