1. Scot.
    1. a hunting or fishing guide.
    2. a male attendant or personal servant to a Highland chieftain.
  2. ghillie.

noun, plural gil·lies. Scot.

  1. gillie.

noun, plural gil·lies.

  1. a truck or wagon, especially one used to transport the equipment of a circus or carnival.

verb (used with or without object), gil·lied, gil·ly·ing.

  1. to carry or be carried on a gilly.


  1. a low-cut, tongueless shoe with loops instead of eyelets for the laces, which cross the instep and are sometimes tied around the ankle.


  1. a type of tongueless shoe with lacing up the instep, originally worn by the Scots
  2. a variant spelling of gillie

noun plural -lies Scot

  1. an attendant or guide for hunting or fishing
  2. (formerly) a Highland chieftain’s male attendant or personal servant

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