1. Pronunciation Spelling. give me.

noun Slang.

  1. Golf. a final short putt that a player is not required to take in informal play.
  2. the gimmes,
    1. reliance on or a demand for the generosity of others, especially as one’s due: grown children with the gimmes who still expect money from their parents.
    2. greediness.


  1. slang give me!


  1. golf a short putt that one is excused by one’s opponent from playing because it is considered too easy to miss

by 1828, colloquial contraction of give me. Gimme cap attested by 1978.

TOMMY — Gimme a cake.
MAMMA — If what? — If you please .
TOMMY — O, let up on that Pinafore business; gimme a cake!
[“Puck,” July 2, 1878]

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