1. a rotating and radiating firework.
  2. an ornate bracket for candelabra or the like, sometimes with a reflecting mirror at the back of the shelf.
  3. a brooch or earring consisting of a central ornament with usually three smaller ornaments hanging from it.


  1. an ornamental branched wall candleholder, usually incorporating a mirror
  2. an earring or pendant having a central gem surrounded by smaller ones
  3. a kind of revolving firework
  4. artillery a group of connected mines

1630s, a type of fireworks; 1825 as a type of earring or pendant, from French girandole, from Italian girandola, diminutive of giranda “a revolving jet,” from Latin gyrandus, gerundive of gyrare “to turn round in a circle, revolve” (see gyration).

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