adjective, gloss·i·er, gloss·i·est.

  1. having a shiny or lustrous surface.
  2. having a false or deceptive appearance or air, especially of experience or sophistication; specious.

noun, plural gloss·ies.

  1. slick1(def 9).
  2. a photograph printed on glossy paper.

adjective glossier or glossiest

  1. smooth and shiny; lustrous
  2. superficially attractive; plausible
  3. (of a magazine) lavishly produced on shiny paper and usually with many colour photographs

noun plural glossies

  1. Also called (US): slick an expensively produced magazine, typically a sophisticated fashion or glamour magazine, printed on shiny paper and containing high quality colour photographyCompare pulp (def. 3)
  2. a photograph printed on paper that has a smooth shiny surface

1550s, from gloss (n.1) + -y (2). Figurative use from 1690s. The noun sense of “photograph with a glossy surface” is from 1931. Related: Glossiness.

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