glycoprotein [glahy-koh-proh-teen, -tee-in] Word Origin noun Biochemistry.

  1. any of a group of complex proteins, as mucin, containing a carbohydrate combined with a simple protein.

Also glucoprotein. Origin of glycoprotein First recorded in 1905–10; glyco- + protein Also called gly·co·pep·tide [glahy-koh-pep-tahyd] /ˌglaɪ koʊˈpɛp taɪd/. British Dictionary definitions for glycopeptide glycoprotein glucoprotein or glycopeptide (ˌɡlaɪkəʊˈpɛptaɪd) noun

  1. any of a group of conjugated proteins containing small amounts of carbohydrates as prosthetic groupsSee also mucoprotein

glycopeptide in Medicine glycopeptide [glī′kō-pĕp′tīd′] n.

  1. Glycoprotein.

glycoprotein [glī′kō-prō′tēn′] n.

  1. Any of a group of conjugated proteins that contain a carbohydrate as the nonprotein component.

glycopeptide in Science glycoprotein [glī′kō-prō′tēn′]

  1. Any of a group of cellular macromolecules that are made up of proteins bonded to one or more carbohydrate chains.

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