Godden [god-n] Examples noun

  1. (Margaret) Ru·mer [roo-mer] /ˈru mər/, 1907–1998, English novelist and writer of children’s books.

Examples from the Web for godden Historical Examples of godden

  • Printed “godden” and “gooden” in the early eds., and a corruption of good e’en, or good evening.

    Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

    William Shakespeare

  • Old Godden died suddenly two weeks ago, and now she’s given out that she’ll run the farm herself, instead of putting in a bailiff.

    Joanna Godden

    Sheila Kaye-Smith

  • Hilarius gave him godden, and sped swiftly back through the streets crowded with folks returning from the tourney.

    The Gathering of Brother Hilarius

    Michael Fairless

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