Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece

Golden Fleece Examples noun Classical Mythology.

  1. a fleece of pure gold, kept at Colchis by King Aeëtes from whom it was stolen by Jason and the Argonauts with the help of Aeëtes’s daughter, Medea.

Examples from the Web for golden fleece Historical Examples of golden fleece

  • The man was elegantly dressed; he wore the order of the Golden-Fleece, and a medal on his coat.

    The Thirteen

    Honore de Balzac

  • British Dictionary definitions for golden fleece Golden Fleece noun

    1. Greek myth the fleece of a winged ram that rescued Phrixus and brought him to Colchis, where he sacrificed it to Zeus. Phrixus gave the fleece to King Aeëtes who kept it in a sacred grove, whence Jason and the Argonauts stole it with the help of Aeëtes’ daughterSee also Phrixus

    golden fleece in Culture Golden Fleece

    In classical mythology, the pure gold fleece of a miraculous flying ram. Jason and the Argonauts made their voyage in quest of it. The fleece was kept in a kingdom on the Black Sea.

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