goldfields [gohld-feeldz] ExamplesWord Origin noun, plural gold·fields.

  1. any of several Californian, composite herbs of the genus Lasthenia, having yellow flowers.

Origin of goldfields An Americanism dating back to 1910–15; gold + field + -s3 Examples from the Web for goldfields Contemporary Examples of goldfields

  • Goldfields in Nevada that had been neglected because the ore was just too expensive to extract were now attractive properties.

    All that Glitters Is Not Gold: Inside the New Bubble

    Wendy Smith

    December 5, 2013

  • Historical Examples of goldfields

  • Wealth was to be gained in other and surer ways than by groping for it in the goldfields.

    Australian Writers

    Desmond Byrne

  • Life on the Australian goldfields, though wild, was not unruly.

    Peeps At Many Lands: Australia

    Frank Fox

  • Doubtless on the Western goldfields of America, “lynching” would have been his portion.

    Spinifex and Sand

    David W Carnegie

  • People get to a very casual way of doing things on the goldfields.

    Spinifex and Sand

    David W Carnegie

  • It came to Australasia not only from the original settlers but also from the rushes to the goldfields.

    G. H. Q.

    Frank Fox

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