golosh [guh-losh] Examples noun

  1. galosh.

galosh or ga·loshe, go·losh [guh-losh] noun

  1. a waterproof overshoe, especially a high one.

Origin of galosh 1325–75; Middle English Old French galoche, of obscure origin Examples from the Web for golosh Historical Examples of golosh

  • She wished she had not been so playful in flinging her golosh into the path.

    The Longest Journey

    E. M. Forster

  • But the water, just the snake of water, was amusing, and she flung her golosh at it to dam it up.

    The Longest Journey

    E. M. Forster

  • Galosh, ga-losh′, n. a shoe or slipper worn over another in wet weather—also Galoche′, Golosh′.

    Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 2 of 4: E-M)


  • So Jimmieboy threw himself down in the golosh, and the voice began to sing.

    Half-Hours with Jimmieboy

    John Kendrick Bangs

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