Gondar [gon-der] Examples noun

  1. a city in NW Ethiopia, N of Lake Tana: a former capital.

Amhara [ahm-hahr-uh] noun

  1. a former kingdom in E Africa: now a province in NW Ethiopia. Capital: Gondar.
  2. a member of an agricultural, Amharic-speaking Christian people of central Ethiopia descended from Semites who began conquering the land in the sixth century b.c.

Examples from the Web for gondar Historical Examples of gondar

  • Next day the army of 30,000 men marched in triumph into Gondar.

    The World’s Greatest Books, Volume 19


  • Finally the sheik furnishes me with an escort, and I return to Gondar.

    French and Oriental Love in a Harem

    Mario Uchard

  • Bruce inquired if she was at Gondar, and was answered, “No; she is at Koscam.”

    The Life and Adventures of Bruce, the African Traveller

    Francis Head

  • But we have ample stock of rare silks and rich spices of Araby and Gondar.

    The Great Mogul

    Louis Tracy

  • This circumstance occasioned some mirth at the court of Gondar.

    Life Of Johnson, Volume 5


  • British Dictionary definitions for gondar Gondar noun

    1. a city in NW Ethiopia: capital of Ethiopia from the 17th century until 1868. Pop: 191 000 (2005 est)

    Amhara noun

    1. a region of NW Ethiopia: formerly a kingdom
    2. an inhabitant of the former kingdom of Amhara

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