goo-goo [goo-goo] Examples adjective Older Slang.

  1. expressing adoration; foolishly amorous: They sat there making goo-goo eyes at each other.

Examples from the Web for goo-goo Historical Examples of goo-goo

  • “I can stand it if you can,” says I, and she tips me a goo-goo smile that was all to the candied violets.

    Shorty McCabe

    Sewell Ford

  • Goo-Goo seemed like an intimate friend, because of the writing-lessons.

    Nine Little Goslings

    Susan Coolidge

  • But a month after he got there, Mussolini started to pop his goo-goo eyes at Ethiopia.

    The Five Arrows

    Allan Chase

  • It is goo-goo eyes or “git” when he looks toward a pretty girl.

    The Voice of the City

    O. Henry

  • It makes curious devilish noises when not satisfied, and says “goo-goo” when it is.

    The $30,000 Bequest and Other Stories

    Mark Twain

  • Word Origin and History for goo-goo adj.

    “amorous,” 1900, perhaps connected with goggle, because the earliest reference is in goo-goo eyes. The sense of “baby-talk” is from 1863. Use in reference to politics began 1890s, and seems to be a shortening of Good Government as a movement to clean up municipal corruption in Boston, New York, etc. It soon was extended to mean “naive political reformer.”

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