good old boy

good old boy

good old boy Word Origin noun Informal.

  1. a male who embodies the unsophisticated good fellowship and sometimes boisterous sociability regarded as typical of white males of small towns and rural areas of the South.
  2. a person who belongs to a network of friends and associates with close ties of loyalty and mutual support.

Also good ol’ boy [ohl] /oʊl/, good ole boy [ohl] /oʊl/. Origin of good old boy First recorded in 1970–75 Related formsgood old boyism, noun British Dictionary definitions for good ol’ boy good ol’ boy noun US informal

    1. a man considered as being trustworthy and dependable because of his ordinary and down-to-earth background and upbringing
    2. (as modifier)he was expected to bring some good-ol’-boy informality to the White House

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