goodby or good-by [goo d-bahy] Examples interjection, noun, plural good·bys.

  1. goodbye.

Examples from the Web for goodby Contemporary Examples of goodby

  • Jamie Barrett, Partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, SF The Democratic Party.

    Yes We Could Have!

    James P. Othmer

    March 8, 2010

  • Historical Examples of goodby

  • Then she said, “Goodby, Amelia dear,” and resumed her progress with the baby-carriage.

    The Yates Pride

    Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

  • Here Tom and Henry Blake said goodby to us and turned homeward.

    The Long Labrador Trail

    Dillon Wallace

  • Joe, half in a daze, said goodby to his hosts, last of all to Mabel.

    Baseball Joe on the Giants

    Lester Chadwick

  • Goodby, old top, said Reggie, as he shook his hand in parting.

    Baseball Joe on the Giants

    Lester Chadwick

  • He said goodby to the boy outside and got into his car for the drive back to the airfield.

    The Final Figure

    Samuel Kimball Merwin

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