Goshen [goh-shuh n] Examples noun

  1. a pastoral region in Lower Egypt, occupied by the Israelites before the Exodus. Gen. 45:10.
  2. a land or place of plenty and comfort.
  3. a city in N Indiana.

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  • On the following day the high priest and his party started for Goshen.

    The Cat of Bubastes

    G. A. Henty

  • And, indeed, even in Goshen it is as well always to travel in some sort of state.

    The Cat of Bubastes

    G. A. Henty

  • This is Thursday, and I must be back in Goshen next week at this time.


    Kate Douglas Wiggin

  • Towards the sea is the land of Goshen, where the sons of Jacob fed their flocks.

    Foot-prints of Travel

    Maturin M. Ballou

  • It set me to thinkin’ o’ the time us women got the organ for Goshen church.

    Aunt Jane of Kentucky

    Eliza Calvert Hall

  • British Dictionary definitions for goshen Goshen noun

    1. a region of ancient Egypt, east of the Nile delta: granted to Jacob and his descendants by the king of Egypt and inhabited by them until the Exodus (Genesis 45:10)
    2. a place of comfort and plenty

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    from the Bible, fertile land settled by the Israelites in Egypt; light shone there during the plague of darkness [Gen. xxxxv:10]. The name is of unknown origin.

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