grand tour


  1. an extended tour of Europe, formerly regarded as a necessary part of the education of young British gentlemen.
  2. an extended tour of any region or country.
  3. a comprehensive guided tour or inspection, as of a building, exhibit, or military installation.


  1. (formerly) an extended tour through the major cities of Europe, esp one undertaken by a rich or aristocratic Englishman to complete his education
  2. informal an extended sightseeing trip, tour of inspection, etc

A comprehensive tour, survey, or inspection. For example, They took me on a grand tour of their new house, or The new chairman will want to make a grand tour of all the branches. Starting in the late 1600s this term was used for a tour of the major European cities, considered essential to a well-bred man’s education. In the mid-1800s it was extended to more general use.

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