1. the head of a military order of knighthood, a lodge, fraternal order, or the like.
  2. Also grand master, grand·mas·ter. Chess. International Grand Master.
  3. Also grand·mas·ter. (lowercase) a person at the highest level of ability or achievement in any field.


  1. chess
    1. one of the top chess players of a particular country
    2. (capital as part of title)Grandmaster of Russia
  2. Also called: International Grandmaster chess a player who has been awarded the highest title by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs
  3. a leading exponent of any of various arts


  1. the title borne by the head of any of various societies, orders, and other organizations, such as the Templars or Freemasons, or the various martial arts

as a chess title, 1927, from grand (adj.) + master (n.). Earlier as a title in Freemasonry (1724) and in military orders of knighthood (1550s).

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