1. provisions, gear, etc., furnished to a prospector on condition of participating in the profits of any discoveries.
  2. money or other assistance furnished at a time of need or of starting an enterprise.

verb (used with object), grub·staked, grub·stak·ing.

  1. to furnish with a grubstake: I grubstaked him to two mules and supplies enough for five months.


  1. US and Canadian informal supplies provided for a prospector on the condition that the donor has a stake in any finds

verb (tr)

  1. US informal to furnish with such supplies
  2. mainly US and Canadian to supply (a person) with a stake in a gambling game

“material, provisions, etc. supplied to an enterprise (originally a prospector) in return for a share in the profits,” by 1876, American English, from grub + stake (v.).

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