verb (used with object), ha·bit·u·at·ed, ha·bit·u·at·ing.

  1. to accustom (a person, the mind, etc.), as to a particular situation: Wealth habituated him to luxury.
  2. Archaic. to frequent.

verb (used without object), ha·bit·u·at·ed, ha·bit·u·at·ing.

  1. to cause habituation, physiologically or psychologically.


  1. to accustom; make used (to)
  2. US and Canadian archaic to frequent

1520s, from Latin habituatus, past participle of habituare “to bring into a condition or habit of the body,” from habitus (see habit (n.)). Related: Habituated; habituating.


  1. To accustom by frequent repetition or prolonged exposure.
  2. To cause physiological or psychological habituation, as to a drug.
  3. To experience psychological habituation.
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