< /ˈheɪ pəns/ for 2.

  1. a bronze coin of the United Kingdom, equal to half a penny: use phased out in 1984.
  2. the sum of half a penny.


  1. of the price or value of a halfpenny.
  2. of little value; worthless: a halfpenny matter.
  3. British Informal. (of newspapers) sensational, especially morbidly or offensively so.


  1. Also called: half plural -pennies a small British coin worth half a new penny, withdrawn from circulation in 1985
  2. plural -pennies an old British coin worth half an old penny
  3. plural -pence the sum represented by half a penny
  4. plural -pence something of negligible value
  5. (modifier) having the value or price of a halfpenny
  6. (modifier) of negligible value

mid-13c. (though implied in Old English healfpenigwurð “halfpenny-worth”); see half + penny.

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