adjective Also hap·loi·dic.

  1. single; simple.
  2. Biology. pertaining to a single set of chromosomes.


  1. Biology. an organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes, ordinarily half the normal diploid number.

adjective also: haploidic

  1. (esp of gametes) having a single set of unpaired chromosomes


  1. a haploid cell or organism

1908, from German haploid (1905), from Greek haplos “single.”


  1. Having the same number of sets of chromosomes as a germ cell, or half the diploid number of a somatic cell. The haploid number (23 in humans) is the normal chromosome complement of germ cells.


  1. A haploid organism or cell.

  1. Having a single set of each chromosome in a cell or cell nucleus. In most animals, only the gametes (reproductive cells) are haploid. Compare aneuploid diploid. See Note at mitosis.

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