hate read

verb (used with object), hate-read [heyt-red] /ˈheɪtˌrɛd/, hate-read·ing.

  1. to read (a blog, newspaper, etc.) that one professes to dislike, often with the intention to mock or criticize.

verb (used without object), hate-read [heyt-red] /ˈheɪtˌrɛd/, hate-read·ing.

  1. to engage in this activity.


  1. a blog, newspaper, etc., that one hate-reads.
  2. the activity of hate-reading: my hate-read of her weekly column.

  1. a combining form describing something that one does but professes to dislike and that may indicate conflicting love/hate emotions, as in hate-read; hate-kiss; hate-sex.

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