Helene Fischer im Video-Trailer zu "See You Again"

Helene Fischer sings English: song "See You Again" for the film "Traumfabrik"

She wanted to take a generous break – she could not stand it for a long time. It was not five months Helene Fischer after a great theatrical Goodbye to tabloids and life section mates disappeared from the scene, but she has not really come down in the sabbatical quickie. Apparently she screwed in time on a new version of herself.

Because now she returns as a Powerballadensoldatin with flying arms and floodlight on the neck. Anyone who says "Schlager" will be trampled on by her. Helene Fischer now sings in English. The habit is reminiscent Celine Dion, the song titled "See You Again" is a single crescendo from very emotional to very, very emotional.

And as the Powerballaden prototype Dion with "My Heart Will Go On" and "Titanic" has done, also Fischer promotes the new draft over a cinema melodrama, which starts soon: their "See You Again" is the title song of the film " Traumfabrik ", which develops against the background of the former DEFA studios in Babelsberg a big, of course unfortunate love story.

The film is about a young woman (Emilia Schüle) and a young man (Dennis Mojen), who meet in the legendary GDR studios in the early sixties, at the time of the Berlin Wall, but with the course of contemporary history and whims of the film business are repeatedly torn apart. The pre-movie, which has now been circulated, is a mixture of music video and trailer in which the pictures push the ballad and vice versa. Just like in the video for Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," where movie stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio spread their arms at the bow of the disaster ship.

The video for "See You Again" and "Traumfabrik" goes like this: Young man gazes briskly, bomb explodes, young woman waving wistfully, Helene Fischer is in a feverish delirium, young man gazes briskly, tank rolls, young woman dances lasciviously, Helen Fischer As if in a delirium, she is still a few degrees hotter.

The singer pulls all registers, vocally as well as gesturally. The conversion from the Schlagerfee to the painful woman has succeeded, a global marketing of her new Künstlerinnenpersona is nothing in the way. Today Babelsberg, tomorrow Las Vegas?

Unfortunately, not at first, because Helene Fischer withdraws according to their own statements again in a sabbatical. Let's see how long it takes this time. And what she returns then.

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