1. noting or pertaining to a method of changing the frequency of an incoming radio signal by adding it to a signal generated within the receiver to produce fluctuations or beats of a frequency equal to the difference between the two signals.

verb (used without object), het·er·o·dyned, het·er·o·dyn·ing.

  1. to produce a heterodyne effect.

verb (used with object), het·er·o·dyned, het·er·o·dyn·ing.

  1. to mix (a frequency) with a different frequency so as to achieve a heterodyne effect.


  1. electronics to combine by intermodulation (two alternating signals, esp radio signals) to produce two signals having frequencies corresponding to the sum and the difference of the original frequenciesSee also superheterodyne receiver


  1. produced by, operating by, or involved in heterodyning two signals
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