1. Biology. of different origin; pertaining to heterology.
  2. Medicine/Medical, Pathology. consisting of dissimilar tissue, as that of another species or that of a tumor.
  3. Immunology. pertaining to an antigen that elicits a reaction in a nonspecific antibody.


  1. pathol of, relating to, or designating cells or tissues not normally present in a particular part of the body
  2. (esp of parts of an organism or of different organisms) differing in structure or origin


  1. Of or relating to cytologic or histological elements not normally occurring in a designated part of the body.
  2. Derived from a different species, as a graft or transplant.
  3. Immunologically related but not identical. Used of certain cells and antiserums.

  1. Derived or transplanted from a different species or source.

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