1. an emphatic appositive of him or he1: He himself spoke to the men.
  2. a reflexive form of him: He cut himself.
  3. (used in absolute constructions): Himself the soul of honor, he included many rascals among his intimates.
  4. (used as the object of a preposition or as the direct or indirect object of a verb): The old car had room only for himself and three others.
  5. (used in comparisons after as or than): His wife is as stingy as himself.
  6. his normal or customary self: He is himself again.
  7. Irish English. a man of importance, especially the master of the house: Himself will be wanting an early dinner.


    1. the reflexive form of he or him
    2. (intensifier)the king himself waved to me
  1. (preceded by a copula) his normal or usual selfhe seems himself once more
  2. Irish and Scot the man of the househow is himself?

Old English him selfum, from him, dative/accusative personal pronoun, + self, here used as an inflected adjective.

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