Hobbema [hob-uh-muh; Dutch haw-buh-mah] Examples noun

  1. Mein·dert [mahyn-duh rt] /ˈmaɪn dərt/, 1638–1709, Dutch painter.

Examples from the Web for hobbema Historical Examples of hobbema

  • This perhaps is one of the most characteristic of Hobbema’s pictures.

    Pictures Every Child Should Know

    Dolores Bacon

  • There are those who complain that Hobbema was a poor colourist.

    Pictures Every Child Should Know

    Dolores Bacon

  • Hobbema will sell at my death for a bigger price than I gave for him—that’s one comfort!

    My Lady’s Money

    Wilkie Collins

  • Owen regretted the Hobbema; it was less aggressive than the colonnade.

    Evelyn Innes

    George Moore

  • Over the bed hung a fine copy of a Hobbema, in which two lines of trees stretched on and on toward a vague, far-distant horizon.

    May Iverson’s Career

    Elizabeth Jordan

  • British Dictionary definitions for hobbema Hobbema noun

    1. Meindert (ˈmaɪndərt). 1638–1709, Dutch painter of peaceful landscapes, usually including a watermill

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