hog-tie v.

also hogtie, “bind hands and feet,” 1887, from hog (n.) + tie (v.). Related: Hog-tied.

Related Words for hog-tie cramp, clog, fetter, chain, hamstring, handcuff, curb, check, hinder, balk, handicap, cumber, frustrate, baffle, foil, hobble, embarrass, entangle, bar, bind Examples from the Web for hog-tie Historical Examples of hog-tie

  • “You’ll have to hog-tie that feller,” said one, drawing nearer than the rest in his interest.

    Trail’s End

    George W. Ogden

  • We could throw an hog-tie her, sez Tank; and you could get it easy an comfortable.

    Friar Tuck

    Robert Alexander Wason

  • To think that you managed to hog-tie me like this without waking me up!

    The Arrival of Jimpson

    Ralph Henry Barbour

  • So you tell me who are the top of the bunch in our class, and Ill go and fetch em in if I have to rope em and hog-tie em.

    On Your Mark!

    Ralph Henry Barbour

  • To “hog-tie” him in this position, was the work of but a moment, and at last the blue-roan outlaw was a captive.

    Tales from the X-bar Horse Camp

    Will C. Barnes

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