Hohenlinden [hoh-uh n-lin-duh n] Examples noun

  1. a village in S Germany, in Bavaria, near Munich: French victory over the Austrians 1800.

Examples from the Web for hohenlinden Historical Examples of hohenlinden

  • Soon after, at Hohenlinden, Moreau also defeated the Austrians.

    The Empress Josephine

    Louise Muhlbach

  • It was on his return from Hohenlinden that the ex-Count met Bonaparte.

    Napoleon’s Marshals

    R. P. Dunn-Pattison

  • We have been defeated at Hohenlinden, and Moreau is advancing upon Vienna.

    Louisa Of Prussia and Her Times

    Louise Muhlbach

  • Hohenlinden brought matters at Lunville to a speedy conclusion.

    The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

    William Milligan Sloane

  • “They fought at Hohenlinden at night, and on the snow,” answered Monty Scruggs.

    Si Klegg, Book 6 (of 6)

    John McElroy

  • British Dictionary definitions for hohenlinden Hohenlinden noun

    1. a village in S Germany, in Bavaria east of Munich: scene of the defeat of the Austrians by the French during the Napoleonic Wars (1800)

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