hokum [hoh-kuh m] ExamplesWord Origin See more synonyms for hokum on Thesaurus.com noun

  1. out-and-out nonsense; bunkum.
  2. elements of low comedy introduced into a play, novel, etc., for the laughs they may bring.
  3. sentimental matter of an elementary or stereotyped kind introduced into a play or the like.
  4. false or irrelevant material introduced into a speech, essay, etc., in order to arouse interest, excitement, or amusement.

Origin of hokum 1915–20, Americanism; probably blend of hocus-pocus and bunkum Related Words for hokum banality, bromide, platitude, sweet, hokum, falsehood, fraud, trickery, duplicity, hypocrisy, betrayal, untruth, deceit, mendacity, treachery, lying, disinformation, stereotype, tag, flatness Examples from the Web for hokum Historical Examples of hokum

  • Senator Gonzales was fond of the Society’s crackpot receptionist, and he knew exactly what kind of hokum would please her most.


    Gordon Randall Garrett

  • Ye see, Hokum he got thirty-seven cents’ worth o’ lemons and sperit.

    Oldtown Fireside Stories

    Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • British Dictionary definitions for hokum hokum noun slang

    1. claptrap; bunk
    2. obvious or hackneyed material of a sentimental nature in a play, film, etc

    Word Origin for hokum C20: probably a blend of hocus-pocus and bunkum Word Origin and History for hokum n.

    1917, theater slang, “melodramatic, exaggerated acting,” probably formed on model of bunkum (see bunk (2)), and perhaps influenced by or based on hocus-pocus.

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