holp [hohlp] Examples verb South Midland and Southern U.S. Nonstandard.

  1. a simple past tense of help.

Examples from the Web for holp Historical Examples of holp

  • “I allowed it might holp him up some to hear Todd was safe dead,” he apologized.

    Mothering on Perilous

    Lucy S. Furman

  • I’ll holp you all I kin; leastways, I’ll wink et whut you do.


    Mary Addams Bayne

  • Then she took hold of it and holp me up and holp me carry it out.

    Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States

    Work Projects Administration

  • I wisht ye’d come out an holp me manpower a chunk up on ther choppin’ block.

    The Roof Tree

    Charles Neville Buck

  • Ef Isom’s too sick to come down to the mill to-morrer, I wish you’d come ‘n’ holp me.

    A Cumberland Vendetta

    John Fox, Jr.

  • British Dictionary definitions for holp holp verb

    1. archaic, or dialect a past tense of help
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