holus-bolus [hoh-luh s-boh-luh s] ExamplesWord Origin adverb

  1. all at once; altogether.

Origin of holus-bolus 1840–50; mock-Latin rhyming compound based on phrase whole bolus. See whole, bolus Examples from the Web for holus-bolus Historical Examples of holus-bolus

  • They had just killed the animal, and were roasting it whole, holus-bolus, unskinned and undressed.

    Spinifex and Sand

    David W Carnegie

  • Holus-bolus, ‘sicut examen apum,’ ye decamp at the word of a single foe!

    The Day of Wrath

    Maurus Jkai

  • There was a first-class carr’ge door opin right forninst me, an’ into that the gyard crams me holus-bolus.

    Martin Hewitt, Investigator

    Arthur Morrison

  • British Dictionary definitions for holus-bolus holus-bolus adverb

    1. informal all at once

    Word Origin for holus-bolus C19: pseudo-Latin based on whole bolus; see bolus

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